Accommodation in Rutherglen Old Parish Church

The Old Parish Church has extensive accommodation which is used by a number of church and external organizations and is also available for hire. It comprises of the Nave, the Greenhill Hall (GH), the Session House (SH), the Thomson Hall (TH) and the Loft (Lo).

The Nave, pictured on our Entry Page, seats over 400 people, is fully accessible to the disabled and has adjacent disabled toilet facilities.  As the pews are fixed it is suitable for large meetings or concerts.

Like the Nave our Greenhill Hall which seats 90 has full disabled access and adjacent disabled toilet facilities. It is suitable for coffee mornings and meetings. Leading off the Greenhill Hall is a small kitchen for the preparation of tea, coffee or light snacks.

The Session House which seats 40 is also at ground floor level, although there are a few steps leading up to it. It is suitable for meetings.

Our Thomson Hall seats 150 (or 100 for meals) and is suitable for carpet bowling, dancing and meetings. Adjacent to this hall is our main kitchen which may be used for the preparation of meals and nearby a few steps lead up to our main toilet facilities.

Our uppermost hall is called the Loft which is where most of our youth work takes place. It seats 40 and is suitable for meetings being attended by people who are fit enough to climb the 2 flights of stairs leading up to it.

The chart below gives a broad indication of the use made of our accommodation by our congregation, Carpet Bowls Club, Woman's Guild, Scrabble Club and Switch On which meet each week from October to April, by our Kirk Session and Coffee Morning Group which meet monthly and by our Congregational Board which meets every second month. The Co-operative Party, People 1st Scotland, the Lesley G Rodger Dance School, Rutherglen & Cambuslang Rock and Pop Chorus and their Junior Chorus and St John Shrine No 28 are independent organisations which meet in the Old Parish Church. Cambuslang and Rutherglen Foodbank Committee Meetings also take place approximately every 6 weeks in our Session House.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
A.M. P.M. Eve A.M. P.M. Eve A.M. P.M. Eve A.M. P.M. Eve A.M. P.M. Eve A.M. P.M. Eve A.M. P.M. Eve
Nave                                     (2)    
GH               (3)           (2)  
SH                             (1)     (Occ)      
  In use each week (1) In use on the 1st week of the month (3) In use on the 3rd week of the month
  (Oct   Apr) (2) In use on the 2nd week of the month (Occ) In occasional use

The table shows that there is considerable potential for further use of our accommodation. For a more detailed indication of the use made of our halls please refer to our Events pages.

To find out more about the availability, cost and conditions of use of our accommodation please contact our Clerk to the Congregational Board, Alison G Bennet.