The Minister

The Rev Malcolm (Calum) MacLeod B.A., B.D., was inducted by Glasgow Presbytery on 6 July 2017.


Former Clergy at Rutherglen

For approximately the first 500 years of its existence as a place of worship the church at Rutherglen adhered to the Celtic tradition. Thereafter, until the Reformation in 1560, it constituted the Roman Catholic Parish of St Mary. During the reign of Mary, Queen of Scots, and the minority of her son, King James VI, Scotland was a turbulent land so records are sketchy for the period 1560-1586. However, we are grateful to the Rev Eric V Hudson who found a reference in the Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae to Thomas Jack who was Minister at Rutherglen from 1567 to "before 1574". The table below lists each Minister since 1586 named on our incumbents' board and the date of his induction.

 Date Minister    Date  Minister
1586      James Muirhead   1806      John Dick
1592      Alexander Rowatt   1834      Peter Brown
1596      Archibald Glen   1862      William F Stevenson
1604      William Hamilton   1909      George S Yuille
1647      Robert Young   1929      W Newman James
1650      John Dickson   1935      Thomas Cook
1662      Hugh Blair   1947      James Wotherspoon
1701      Alexander Muir   1967      Robert G MacRobert
1719      Alexander Maxwell   1985      Alexander Thomson
1742      William Maxwell   2017      Malcolm MacLeod
1780      James Forlong